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Respect and Appreciation

Respect is something that keeps coming up in our lives over and again. And very often it seems to be tied to appreciation. This means that if we get the feeling someone else is not truly appreciating us right there and then at the very moment, it is easy to not just feel unappreciated yet also feel disrespected.

Looking this way at respect and appreciation, it tends to be in an interactive setting; in other words, someone else is doing something to us that makes us feel disrespected and…

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According to the dictionary, respect means ‘a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements’.

This ties respect to a sense of self worth and self esteem.
When you have a healthy sense of self worth, you are aware of your abilities and qualities, and usually will have a fairly good sense of the things you may achieve. And building your life on this foundation, it is easy to extend this respect to others, without the need to know…

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Give or take?

There are any number of ways we can approach life. Two of those are that we either look at life from a perspective of “What can life give me?”, or have a frame of reference that says “What do I have to offer to life?”
In other words, what can I take from it versus what can I give to it.

The attitudes are definitely opposites, yet have commonalities as well. They both tend to affect every area of our lives. And neither is sustainable without the other… If we are always focused on ‘taking’…

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