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Listen to your parents

Googling that phrase brings up any number of sites that each have any number of reasons or arguments why it is a good thing to listen to your parents. And they are probably right. At least most of the time.

For most parents are loving and nurturing and have a strong desire to protect us.

On the other hand, even with something as reasonable as listening to our parents, there is a need for balance. Each new generation has a new outlook on life, and even when they do listen to their parents,…

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Big Trees

Easily the biggest trees I have ever seen are the Sierra Sequoias.

And they come with some big surprises…
Growing as solitary giants amid pine trees ~ which are in and of themselves by no means small trees ~ they seem to come up as if ‘out of nowhere’. Kind of like now you see it, now you don’t, as you move through the forest… It is not like they are small trees either; although only when you walk up does its size truly become apparent.
Another surprise is that their bark is so soft to the…

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Old friends and Inspiration

It is a good idea to, every once in a while, take stock of all the things we have in our lives. Perhaps not following the prevalent focus of “letting go” as much as to discover old friends and to get inspired. To get ideas as to what to do next; which adventure to embark upon. To see lines and shapes emerge… To see symbols ~ both ancient and new ~ surface on almost forgotten materials.
To find that each stone, each bead, every tidbit of leather, metal, rock, and even plastic seems to be an…

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