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With the equinox just behind us ~ and the days that are now notably longer than even a couple of weeks ago ~ it reminds me that the traditional Dutch term for ‘equinox’ is quite descriptive. It is called the “Spring moment in which day and night have equal lengths”.
Either way, from this moment on until the Fall equinox, for us living on the Northern Hemisphere the days are longer that the nights. The further north we live, the longer the days will get. And with it comes a time of activity. Of…

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Appreciation is one of those words that we are more apt to use for something outside of ourselves. In this way we can appreciate something someone has done for us. We can appreciate the bounty of nature, the time spent together, the present we were given… We can even appreciate the skill of an artist ~ without necessarily thinking his work is beautiful.

Appreciating others in this manner is a wonderful recognition of how they are enriching our lives.

This becomes all the more interesting when…

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