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I already know that

Have you ever been to a class or a lecture where, after the first five or ten minutes or so, you were thinking “I already know that.”?
And if you have, did you notice how you, as soon as you had allowed yourself thinking that, started listening with just a little bit less focus; finding yourself a little bit less involved in the process of the class or lecture…

The interesting thing is that our thoughts truly set us up for how we encounter pretty much anything in life. The moment we think the…

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The other day I posted something on Facebook and immediately got a reaction from a person who was against what I was posting. And this is what Facebook is all about, we can express our opinions at the drop of a hat; sparking discussions that can be ~ yet not always are ~ quite productive. As such, I truly do like Facebook as a platform!

But this interaction made me think.

Because when someone is against something, this is probably because they have ~ at least in their mind ~ a very good…

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