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Song Lines

Song Lines

Although I have never been to Australia, Song Lines are an intriguing concept to me.

Let’s start with what Wikipedia says about Song Lines:
For the Aborigines all land is sacred and alive. Their ancestors gave life in singing, gave them life through song, and dwell in the land still. The songs must be continually sung to keep the land "alive". In singing they preserve the land/story/dreaming of their ancestors, and recreate it in their oneness of past, present and future.

For me this ties in with my shamanic path, as well as with the understanding that we are the creators of our own lives.
But how many of us actually create all things in our lives with purpose in such a way that a oneness with past, present and future is (re)created?

Looking at myself, I tend to look at something, one thing, I want to create or manifest in my life. And depending on whether I just desire to have this thing or whether I really need it in my life, the manifestation of it happens faster, or in some cases, not at all.
In my efforts, I turn all of my focus to this one manifestation. And in doing so I let Self, and the rest of my life, ‘roll with the punches’.

Through Song Lines, the Aborigines recreate all that is with every step they take on the path of life. They not just recreate their Selves, they recreate nature and the path they are walking through nature. And in doing so, they acknowledge the sacredness of the land and nature.

I have often wondered what would happen if I would do the same thing. I would need to do it in a manner that fits our culture and that suits my life...

I might not actually sing it, although making up the songs would be a great deal of fun, but my singing is not that good (and this is just the first of a bunch of reasons not to sing these things out loud). But what if I started acknowledging all the parts in life that are good to me, that are working for me - all the things that enrich my life? They would include people, and that which provides my income. They would also include parts that I have ‘inherited’, like a family history, or values that are part of the culture I have grown up in.

However, I think I would start with acknowledging Self.
Singing the song of how my body is the perfect, healthy, whole temple of my soul. The song of how my mind is strong and can give direction to my path. Of how all my experiences are precious for what they have taught me...

I would start with singing: I am.


First published on in 2009

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