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‘I cannot...’

‘I cannot...’

One of the easiest ways to create a blockage in the flow of our lives is that little statement that starts with ‘I cannot’...

While it is true that there are things that are truly outside of our ability, we tend to use that phrase often as an excuse to not do something, to not make that appointment at that time, to not get engaged in ~ for instance ~ the setting up of the new internet connection or TV channels.
In doing so, we tell the world and ourselves that there are things we cannot do. Whether that is an actual truth or not...

Usually it is not as much that we really are unable to set up that appointment at that time ~ or even are unable to learn how to set up the internet connection ~ as that we don’t feel like doing it. We don’t want to get involved in it. Or at the least we don’t want to spend our energy learning it ~ or doing it ~ right now.
And to veer away from the (possibly long) explanation on why you don’t want to do ‘it’ right now ~ whether it is an appointment or anything else that comes up in life ~ we may feel it is a lot easier to say: “I am so sorry, but I really can’t do that right now...”

The way we live our lives, knowing that everybody is quite busy keeping things together between work, family etc. ~ our response is taken as a factual statement, resulting in us being ‘off the hook’.

When we observe it from that perspective, the ‘I cannot...’ phrase seems to work well for us!
Not only do we not have to enter in a long explanation as to why we don’t want to do something, why now is not the best time to learn something we don’t feel a great affinity with ~ but also those around us have a tendency to take our ‘I cannot...’ statement as fact, allowing us to do the things we want to do in our own way, in our own time.

The caveat comes within ourselves...
Each time we use that ‘I cannot...’ phrase, our subconscious registers that we are unable to do something. Anything. And as our subconscious rules a lot of the things we do seemingly automatically in our daily lives ~ every time we give it that message that ‘we cannot...’, we create a blockage in the flow in which our subconscious operates.
And bit by bit, we make it harder and harder for ourselves to get things done.

We are probably a lot better off telling ourselves: “I can, I can, I can ~ I really think I can!”
And then solve the other ‘stuff’ in our lives as it comes up...


First published at  in 2012

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