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Thinking Out Loud

AnneClaire's ponderings on everyday topics from a spiritual, even metaphysical perspective.

If what we are doing doesn’t work...

At some point in our life we may find that for all our efforts, what we are doing isn’t getting us where we want to go. It usually takes a while to come to that realization, but then something happens that makes us fully aware of the fact that the situation we find ourselves in is (no longer) working for us.

The big question then becomes: “Well, if this doesn’t work, what can I do that will work for me?”
And so we find ourselves on a quest to find what we need to change, what we need to do…

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When are you happy?
Is it when the sun is shining, and the weather is good, nice warm? When the days are long during the Summer? Or when everybody gathers in the dark of Winter?
Are you happy when things go ‘your way’? When you are appreciated ~ when others are telling you you are doing good?

Often, when we describe what makes us happy it are things outside of ourselves that we notice make us happy. Children at play, kittens, puppies, the things with a high ‘ahhhh’ factor; things that make us…

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As we are living our lives people, situations, and even material things of all sorts and sizes move into our lives ~ and eventually move out of our lives again.
As it turns out most of the items that land in my grocery cart every week have a decided expiration date. When that date arrives it better had been used, or it will move out of my life in some other manner. Yet there are also things that we may not even think would have an expiration date, and yet, at some point in time they do move out…

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Understanding the issue at hand is for most people an important step on the road to either solving it or at least moving on from it. Coming to a comprehension as to what instigated the issue, and to what extend we ourselves are responsible for it to bring an upset into our lives may show where our own opportunities for (personal) growth are presented in the situation…

In other words, where is the other person coming from, and what can I learn from it.

Given the fact that everything happens…

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Winds Of Change

Today blustery winds are raging through the streets. And while the temperatures are above normal for this time of the year, it seems a gentle breeze is blowing inside ~ coming in through the cat-door and moving out through the slightly open window upstairs...

The wind, like the other elements, can change things.
It may not be quite as immediately obvious as changes brought on by the other elements ~ the changes can be vast nonetheless. The changes created by the other elements, like earth…

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It seems like we are getting more cynical in the situation of today’s world. For most it is a pattern that allows us to cope with what is happening in the world ~ politically, economically, yet also personally.
As such, cynicism is one of those energies that has two sides to it ~ and not surprisingly so in this age of polarities…

On one side cynicism can stem from a certain sense of reality from the perspective that history has shown that as the world is moving along this particular path ~…

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It is easy to look upon our busy lives as filled with demands that are being put upon us. The demands of a job ~ or sometimes even several jobs ~ the demands of family, the demands of chores; after all, somebody has to do them…
And pretty soon we are finding ourselves in a position where we may feel that the whole world needs something from us, while we , in return need something from it. As in a salary, a sense of security; whatever it may be.

It can become a push-pull mechanism that leaves…

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New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the new year is almost upon us, we may hear a lot about new year’s resolutions ~ we even may have one or two ourselves...

Research has shown that among the top new years resolutions are resolutions about weight loss, exercise, and stopping to smoke. Also popular are resolutions dealing with better money management / debt reduction. Resolutions about self improvement (taking classes or even going back to school), helping others and finding true love complete the list of most common new…

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Wishing Well

I received an email with Holiday Wishes and a long letter as to how important it is to extend our Holiday wishes to others ~ family and friends, but also those that we have lost contact with or even aren’t ‘on speaking terms’ with. Especially during this time of year.

It was the last sentence that caught my attention.

Of course it is this time of year when we send out our Holiday wishes on nice cards, whether they are sent through ‘snail-mail’ (you know, the handwritten variety with a stamp…

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It always amazes me how everything changes when it snows. The obvious things are the temperature, the fact that the snow turns nature from its greyish brown, late Fall colors into black and white ~ or totally white, depending on how much snow is there. All of a sudden there seems to be a lot more light as whatever faint Winter’s sunlight is there gets reflected by the snow.

But it goes a lot further than that.
A couple of hours after the first snow has fallen, the removal of it from highways…

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