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Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading can be useful to help you sort out issues that don’t seem clear to you, and need to be handled. The Tarot will answer your question in a way a good friend or coach would.

The Tarot Cards can tell you about issues, people, or sometimes even timing that you will have to deal with along the way. The more specific your question, the more specific the answer will be. Usually answers are straight-forward. Other times the Tarot may show different ways to deal with the situation, or point out which direction may open to you.

A Tarot reading, in person or through Skype, will take up to 60 minutes and costs € 60,00

Tarot Subscriptions

AnneClaire may even do a series of Tarot readings at your request to help guide you through a ‘rough spot’. With a ‘Tarot reading subscription’ the Tarot becomes a guide or coach for your life; and will bring clarity to your path. It will help you see new potentials, or perhaps take a step back from what is happening in your life.

Each reading will take between 30 and 45 minutes, and costs €40,00 per Reading.

All Readings will be recorded and sent to you as a MP3 file via a Dropbox link.


For more information, please visit the website.
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