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Symbol Disc Readings

The Symbol Discs are an ancient shamanic tool to gain guidance and insight through the use of symbols. Throughout time symbols have been important in our lives. The Symbol Discs bring Universal, or archetypal symbols together with mental symbols and symbols that involve day-to-day life. They are a powerful tool that can show you what your current position is toward a situation, and how to proceed from there.
Often a Symbol Disc Reading will help you bring your every-day life together with your ‘inner world’ and bring clarity to your personal mission in life. This will be helpful in making sound decisions that will move you forward on your path through life.
These Readings can be very specific in their answers, particularly when handling inner questions or conflicts.

A Symbol Disc Reading can be done via email and costs €20,00 A picture of the Symbol Discs and a recording of the reading will be sent to you as a MP3 file through a Dropbox link as soon as AnneClaire has done the reading for you, usually the day after payment has been received.


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