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Another form of energy arts are the Empowerment Mandalas AnneClaire creates. These hand-drawn mandalas are being created by AnneClaire an a meditative trance. This ensures that the right shapes and the best colors are used, based on your energy, or the energy of an event or company the Empowerment Mandala is being created for.

The literal meaning of the word 'Mandala' is:
"A geometric figure representing the Universe."

In a personal Empowerment Mandala, Anne Claire will be drawing your Universe; your core essence. This way your personal Empowerment Mandala connects you to your innermost core. After your Empowerment Mandala is finished, AnneClaire will read your Mandala. This reading lasting about 15 minutes will give you insight in your Mandala, and therefore in your energy, such that walking your personal path may become a flowing movement forward. This is what your Mandala will help you with.

Every Empowerment Mandala AnneClaire creates measures about 3 to 4 inches across. Personal contact is not absolutely necessary, your name and a picture of yourself give AnneClaire enough information in order to create your Empowerment Mandala.

A personal Empowerment Mandala costs €150 which includes shipping.


For more information on Empowerment Mandalas, please visit the website or get in touch with AnneClaire.
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